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Information for Pupils

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Examinations Timetable (Years 10 - 13)

Year 11 Mocks 1  :  31 Oct 2017  -  10 Nov 2016

6th Form Mocks  :  15 Jan 2018  -  23 Jan 2018

Year 11 Mocks 2  :  26 Feb 2018 - 9 Mar 2018

Yr 10 Exams        :  23 Apr 2018 - 4 May 2018

External Exams  :  21 May 2018 - 4 Jul 2018

Student Gmail & Google Classroom

Information about the email and Google Classroom for pupils will appear here ..........

Initial Google Account Setup Guide

Google Classroom Help Centre

Google Classroom Assignments

Here to Hear

At Blue Coat Academy, we understand that you may be dealing with issues that could potentially be overwhelming and upsetting. We also recognise that teenage years may pose some of the most difficult challenges for young people and their families, with some of you possibly feeling that there is no one present to listen.

The Success Centre, with the support of the rest of the pastoral team, remains open every Monday from 3:00 pm until 4:15 pm with the objective to provide pupils and parents with a safe and private environment. You can discuss any issues or concerns you may have.

‘Here to Hear’ aims to listen to your thoughts, feelings and concerns, in a safe and private setting, whilst providing emotional support outside lesson time. In addition, this service welcomes parents and carers, who may wish to accompany you.



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