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Y11 Mock Examinations

Y11 Mock exams are currently taking place over the next three weeks-

Monday 4th November - Tuesday 19th November

Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable

Why do the mock exams matter?

In just over six months’ time you will be taking your GCSE exams. The outcome of these exams will determine what you are able to do in the next stage of your education, training or employment.

GCSEs are demanding qualifications. With the removal of coursework from the majority of subjects all of the marks that contribute to your final grade are a result of your performance in the final exams.

As those final GCSE grades are based solely on exams you need to prepare for the mock exams as if they were the real thing so that you can get an accurate picture of how you are performing.

They are also very important for your teachers to get an accurate indication of your exam performance so that they can support you effectively in the preparation for summer exams.


How should you prepare for the mocks?

1. If you have not done so already you should start revising immediately.

2. Prepare a revision timetable.

3. Ensure that you are clear what content will be covered in the exam for each subject.

4. Carry out an evaluation of your subject knowledge and identify areas about which you feel less confident.

5. Build your confidence in these areas using notes, revision guides or by speaking to your teachers. 6. Learn all of the subject content for the exam.

7. Get friends and family to test you. You need to know it all off by heart!

8. Practise past exam questions in timed conditions.


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