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Walsall to Warsaw Challenge


Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Mr Dawes has set the members of Blue Coat Church of England Academy the Challenge of Walking/Running from Walsall to Warsaw. Exercise keeps our heart, body and our minds healthy. Exercise and Mental Health for young people.

"Whilst actually running to Warsaw would take a ferry crossing and 13 days, it is my hope that we can collectively run the 1144.8 miles. All you have to do is lace up your trainers and run. No matter how far for and how long it takes, every metre will count towards our total. You can do as many runs as you like. After the first few, it will become easier. If you run for 30 minutes or more, you are actually doing ‘continuous training’. As students and staff combined, we can try and get from here to Warsaw. I will keep track of our distance and all you have to do is send some evidence of your run to me. This can be a screen shot of your phone, a photo of your watch or Fitbit, or a picture of you red and out of breath, along with your distance. Send it to If we hit our target and reach Warsaw, who knows where we might end up! Get your evidence to me at the address above, or on Show My Homework and let’s see if we can get to Warsaw!!"  Mr Dawes, Head of PE.

Thursday 4th February 2021

Staff and students, at first count, have ran or walked 75 miles. This has taken us to Oxford!

Next stop, Dover!!!

Saturday 6th February 2021

We've made it to Enfield, London 112miles from Walsall. Send your miles to or via Show My Homework to Mr Dawes. To help us on our way to Warsaw. 


Tuesday 9th February 2021

190.2 miles lands us in the English Channel so get your running shoes on and help us to dry land. Europe here we come!

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

We've made it to all the way to Leipzig a total of 615miles. A monumental effort. 

Next stop is Luban on the Polish border which is 150miles away. So lets walk, jog, run our way to Poland. Send your miles to or via Show My Homework to Mr Dawes. Great Team effort BCA!


Monday 8th March 2021

A huge effort over the past few weeks has seen us walk, ride and run 324 miles. 

A total of 939 miles in total, takes us to Katowice, Poland. 

Were now just 200 miles from our target. Keep up the good work!!