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Moving On

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More firms than ever are offering school leaver programmes and apprenticeships to students who are bright and motivated but do not want to go to university. They provide training in specific career sectors allowing students to gain experience and professional qualifications in their chosen career whilst earning a salary. These programmes and apprenticeships usually last 3-4 years and in most cases you will be ahead, in career terms, of your peers who decide to go down the university route.

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Oxcentric – Not Going to University

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School Leaver Programmes

There are several well-known employment agencies who advertise school leaver programmes and jobs. Remember to type ‘school leaver’ in the search field when searching for vacancies. Here are a few:

The Big Choice

All About Careers

Adzuna     Indeed    Milkround     Trovit     Deloitte     KPMG

If you need any help with ‘moving on’ please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Sixth Form Team or our Personal Careers Advisor – Mrs S Murphy.

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