GCSE Revision Guidance

We know our students spend up to two years working hard with good work in class and at home. We want them to achieve the best results possible. To this end we have put together guidance on how to revise and prepare successfully for exams.

While students will work through this in their form groups. We would also like to encourage parents to read it too, so that they may be better informed and in turn be better able to support their own child (links are below).

Doing well in examinations means that students have more choices in the next stage of their education and later in life. In addition to this, achieving good grades boosts self confidence in the ability to independently learn and this remains with students for the rest of their lives.

Please click on a subject on the right for specific guidance for the forthcoming GCSE examinations.

Homework Club is available to every Year 11 student, every weeknight from 3.00 pm – 4.15 pm each evening in the LRC. It is a good space for Year 11 pupils who wish to quietly study/complete homework or revise for exams.

Support will be provided after school for all students who need it via intervention sessions (timetable below). It is important that Year 11 pupils are now spending time revising, as the exam season will commence in May.