It is our belief that students benefit enormously if the relationship between home and the Academy is a strong one.  We value your support and are always keen to hear what you have to say. To this end, there is a strong Parent Council and all parents are invited to become members of this influential group.
Parents can get involved in the following ways:

Academy Website – This is constantly updated with any information that we feel is relevant for parent/public viewing. 

Parent Forum – A partnership between parents and the school. 

The Academy Calendar – This is issued every year giving important dates in the school year.

Parent/Student Revision Help – Booklets are posted out to all parents whose children are preparing for exams.  They outline what parents can do to help their child achieve higher grades.

Parents’ Evenings – Individual meetings with class teachers to review progress and agree future actions.

Newsletter – This is a regular publication that is sent home with students or emailed to a given address, along with being distributed throughout the immediate locality, to Church of England Primary Schools, Churches within the Deanery and local businesses.

Parent Council – A group of parents who both challenge and support the Academy. 

Social Media & Other Apps – We also use the following Social Media and other apps