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Care, Guidance, Support & Rewards

“Pupils’ well-being is at the heart of your work”
Ofsted January 2018

“Safety is outstanding because the academy ensures that students are safe, and students say they feel very safe”
Ofsted September 2014

“The staff make every possible effort to improve the life chances of students.”
SIAMS September 2015

We consider the care, guidance and support of our pupils to be of central importance if their time at Blue Coat is to be successful.

Blue Coat has three colleges and all new students are allocated to a form belonging to one of them. Students will remain in the same college and form throughout their time in the Academy. Form tutors work with students and parents to manage every child’s progress and welfare throughout their time in the Academy . The form tutor is the most important contact between home and the Academy
We encourage all parents to become actively involved in their child’s education and to support the Academy by:
• Checking and signing student planners weekly
• Attending the yearly Parents’ Evenings

In return we will:
• Inform you on three occasions a year about how your child is progressing against their targets for the year
• Complete a yearly progress report for every subject
• Meet with you formally at least once a year at  Parents’ Evening
• Recognise and publicise the best achievements of individual students, form groups and colleges
• Maintain high standards of learning in a positive and supportive environment


The Academy  gives recognition to all forms of achievement and service in a variety of ways.

• Post cards home. Awarded by Heads of College for excellent work, effort and service to the Academy or community.
• Principal  Commendations awarded by the Principal  for exceptional achievement, progress or effort.
• Department Commendations awarded by departments for exceptional achievement or effort
• A variety of Sports and Performing Arts awards given for exceptional achievement both in and out of the Academy
• Attendance Awards.
• Extra curricular reward trips eg Go Karting

In addition Prize Evenings are held in July and November and students are chosen to receive a variety of awards reflecting their performance both in the curriculum, in extra curricular activities and service to others.

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