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Staff List

Mr A Ahmed Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Alden Teacher of English
Ms J Allin Teacher of French
Mrs J Allsopp Teacher of English
Mrs J Al-Naqib Teacher of English
Mrs F Amin Teacher of Art
Mrs S Andrews Resources Technician
Mrs A Ansari Teacher of EAL
Ms V Askew Teacher of English
Ms R Athwal Teacher of Computer Science
Mrs M Ballam-Jones Cover Supervisor
Ms G Bartolo Teacher of English/Drama
Ms C Barton Teaching Assistant
Ms A Baskerville Teacher of RE
Ms S Bharat Teacher of Design Technology
Mrs F Bibi Head of Psychology/Health & Social Care
Miss H Billingham Child Protection Assistant
Ms M Bird Success Centre Deputy Manager
Mr S Bratt IT Technician
Ms A Bull Teacher of RE
Mr B Butterfield Youth Worker
Mrs D Cavell Literacy Intervention
Mrs S Cawley Student Support Administrator
Mr S Chong Senior Science Technician
Miss R Clark Teaching Assistant
Mr D Clarson Deputy Site Manager
Mr G Davies Teacher of Science
Mr P Davies IT/Arts Technician
Mr D Dawes Head of PE
Mr N Dawson Break/Lunch Supervisor
Mrs D Deeming Business Manager
Ms L Drewett Head of Computer Science/Business Studies
Mrs N Dubb Teaching Assistant
Ms J Dubois Teacher of French
Ms S Duncombe Teaching Assistant
Mr R Edwards Head Of Design & Technology
Mrs C Everitt Assistant Principal/Teacher of Biology
Mr R Everitt Site Manager
Ms G Everitt Teacher of History
Mr P Fitzgerald Teacher of Geography
Mr S Gardner Head of Music
Mr D Gaskell Teacher of Science
Mrs L Gilbert Head of English
Mrs Z Girhiny Teaching Assistant
Mr A Gray Cover Supervisor
Mr A Guthrie Teacher of PE
Mrs L Haines Teacher of PE/Dance
Mrs V Hanmer Head of History
Mr J Hares Vice Principal/Teacher of Law
Mr Lee Harper Director of Colleges
Ms V Harris Teacher of French
Mrs Y Headlam Teaching Assistant
Mr L Hendy Head of College
Mr B Homer Head of Geography
Ms C Horne Teacher of Science
Miss D Hughes Design Technology Technician/Break-Lunch Supervisor
Mr S Hussain SEN
Mr J Hutchinson Break/Lunch Supervisor
Mr U Imtiaz Teacher of Maths
Mrs B Janagal Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Johal Teacher of Maths
Mrs K Jones Deputy SENCo
Mr A Keighley Cover Supervisor
Mrs M Khan Teaching Assistant
Mr S Khan Teacher of Science
Mrs S Khangura Teacher of Business Studies
Miss P Khatkar Teacher of English
Ms A Kimani Teacher of Geography
Mrs J Kisiecka Teaching Assistant
Ms V Kumari Teacher of Maths
Mrs L Lakin Principal’s PA
Miss M Lambeth Teaching Assistant
Miss O Lamsdell Teacher of Design Technology
Mr D Law Teacher of Science
Mr D Lewis Behaviour Support Mentor
Ms S Lister Receptionist/Clerical Assistant
Mrs C Makan Teacher of EAL
Mrs R Malli Child Protection Manager
Mr A Martin Head of RE
Ms A May Teacher of Health & Social Care
Mrs R Mayele Teacher of French
Miss D Mayers Teaching Assistant
Mr R McGauley Groundsman
Miss N McLoone Systems Information Leader – Data
Mrs E Measham Teaching Assistant
Mr B Miah Teacher of Science
Mr R Mochan Cover Supervisor
Mrs J Morgan LRC Manager
Mr T Muldoon Teacher of Maths
Miss L Mulkerrin Teacher of Geography
Ms S Murphy Careers Advisor
Mrs P Napper Teacher of PE/Art
Ms M Nicholls Head of College
Ms V Owen Vice Principal
Mr J Page Teacher of Science
Mr M Parrott Head of MFL
Mr K Patel Assistant Principal/Teacher of Design Technology
Ms E Perry Assistant Principal/Teacher of English
Mr L Pittaway Head of College
Mrs L Plant Break/Lunch Supervisor
Ms R Preston Data Analyst
Mrs K Pritchard SENCo
Mrs C Radford Teaching Assistant
Mr P Radford Teacher of Computer Science
Mrs F Rani Teacher of RE
Mr F Razak Teacher of RE
Mr M Richardson Head of Media Studies
Mrs P Richardson Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Rogers Teacher of Science
Mr R Sabel Teacher of Science
Ms A Samuels Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Shade Principal Break-Lunch Supervisor
Mr C Shakespeare Teacher of Maths
Mrs D Sibanda Teacher of Maths
Miss M Smallcombe Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Smith Finance Assistant
Mr D Smith Principal
Ms D Tomlinson Teacher of English
Ms L Townsend Teacher of English
Mrs K Trafford Head of Drama
Miss K Tsinopoulou Success Centre Manager
Mr M Tuft Design Technology Technician
Mrs D Tuft Head of Science
Mrs S Venner Cover Supervisor
Ms S Vernon Head of 6th Form
Ms V Watkiss Head of College
Mrs A Weaver AR Coordinator
Miss S Wootton Exams Officer
Mr R Wrighton Head of College
Miss H Wyatt Teacher of Maths
Ms A Young Teacher of PE

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