Free Mental Health App for Young People | Wysa

November 29, 2023

What is Wysa?

Wysa is a new AI app that can give children and young people 24/7 access to free mental health support. The app has been commissioned by the Black Country Health NHS Foundation Trust to give your child a chance to express their feelings in a safe space. It has been reported that “78% of children would rather speak to an AI than a teacher.”

How does the app work?

Children can send messages through the app and the AI chatbot will respond, using messages that have been written under the guidance of a qualified therapist. These messages are private, they will not be shared with anyone else outside of the app. The app comes with lots of self-help packs which include over 150 exercises, with tools for mindfulness, meditation, anxiety and depression.

Why should I install Wysa?

Wysa is intended to be a solution for people who are in need of support and want to improve their emotional wellbeing. The app’s tools can teach you techniques that you can use day-to-day to understand your emotions and work through them. The app is not for making diagnoses, and any serious concerns or emergencies should be addressed by your doctor or mental health specialist.

Also, the app is not just for children, adults can use it too!

Find out how to download the app here. Wysa Teen E-Flyer Walsall

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