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Careers Education

The Academy's Careers Leader is Mrs Devlin (Assistant Principal) who can be contacted via the school telephone number 01922720558 or by email  Details of the Academy's Provider Access policy is available here:Provider Access

Our Independent Career Adviser (Aspire Careers Consultancy) is Carol Facey (01922 720558)

To request an appointment please email

Aspiration Raising

As part of our aim to raise student aspirations we have invited specialist speakers in to talk about future options and next steps.

This year we have had visits from:

Work Placement

All Y12 students will have the opportunity to take part in a week of work experience. A fantastic opportunity to enable them to try out the sector they may be interested in pursuing a career in or to help decide or rule in or out potential choices.

Take Over Day

2019 saw Take-Over Day continue to grow. A day where students get to have their say and support the staff in running the school. 84 student applications and lots of excitement and enthuisiasm about the application process and being part of the day. Some fantastic feedback from staff and students and as part of this day we we're able to complete a live streamed broadcast from the World Skills Show in Birmingham where they explained the following industries: Engineering, Business, Media, Retail and Emergency Services.

2019 take-over report is available to read here


Help, guidance & support:

The links below may help you when it comes to preparing for your next steps, click on the following links for more information:

State of the Region – West Midlands Combined Authority
Guide to the Labour Market in the West Midlands
National Careers Service